Quality and Compliance

Kati Innes Case Management (KICM)
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Quality and Compliance Initiatives

At Kati Innes Case Management (KICM), our unwavering commitment is to provide secure and efficient care for all.

Regular Audits and Analysis.

At KICM, we regularly conduct meticulous audits and analysis to maintain the highest standards. Our comprehensive evaluations include:

  • Infection control audits
  • Medication audits
  • Health and safety audits
  • Information governance audits
  • Disclosure and barring service rechecks (biannual)
  • Right to work rechecks for foreign nationals
  • Incident report analysis
  • Feedback analysis
  • Professional registrations checks
  • Equality, diversity and person-centred care audits
  • Training matrix audits

Record management and good governance

Our commitment to excellence extends to record management and governance. By leveraging an industry-leading cloud-based software platform, we uphold meticulous record-keeping, responsive management, and the pinnacle of client care.

At KICM, quality assurance and compliance are the cornerstones of our operations, and we are dedicated to upholding these principles for the well-being of all those we serve.

Feedback – your valuable insights

We actively encourage feedback from the individuals and professionals we support. Your invaluable insights empower us to refine our services and exemplify best practices. Please feel free to share your feedback through various channels, including email or verbal communication. Rest assured, all feedback received is meticulously logged and thoughtfully reviewed. Additionally, we send out concise quarterly feedback surveys to gauge the performance of our services among supported individuals and professionals.


As a company, Kati Innes Case Management (KICM) works with the client and their family to ensure a holistic and client-focused rehabilitation and recovery process. Kati Innes is a full member of CMSUK and BABICM. KICM is committed to maintaining the high standards, and working within the code of conduct of practices, as outlined by CMSUK and BABICM. Kati Innes, as an Occupational Therapist, is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and maintains her skills as an Occupational Therapist through practice, training and CPD opportunities.

KICM undertakes regular audits to ensure the best practice is delivered; providing clients and their families with regular opportunities to provide feedback. All records and information is held in line with the guidelines of GDPR and ICO requirements.

CMSUK Standards & Best Practice Guidelines

The mission of CMSUK is to lead best practice for Case Managers with a vision to empower its members by providing support and education. This is achieved through defining and developing a professional framework for case managers.

Code of Ethics and Conduct in Case Management Practice

The Code of Ethics and Conduct has been devised to support ethical practice and professional conduct across the profession of Case Management and Kati Innes Case Management is aware, and works within, the details of the code and the competency framework document.