Our Services

Kati Innes Case Management (KICM)

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We deliver bespoke Case Management services to clients and their families, ensuring flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of each client. We work collaboratively, placing the client at the centre, as they move through the litigation process and beyond. This is achieved through assessment, followed by coordination of specialist therapy services, provision of appropriate equipment, housing, and provision of care.

The assessment and provision of services incorporates the following:

  • Medical and psychological wellbeing
  • Therapy needs
  • Recruitment and selection of care teams
  • Full training for all support and care staff
  • We offer Human Resource management for support and care teams
  • All equipment needs
  • Education and employment needs
  • Accommodation
  • Mobility and transport
  • Holidays and leisure


As a company, Kati Innes Case Management (KICM) works with the client and their family to ensure a holistic and client-focused rehabilitation and recovery process. Kati Innes is a full member of CMSUK and BABICM. KICM is committed to maintaining the high standards, and working within the code of conduct of practices, as outlined by the Care Quality Commision, CMSUK and BABICM. Kati Innes, as an Occupational Therapist, is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and maintains her skills as an Occupational Therapist through practice, training and CPD opportunities.

KICM undertakes regular audits to ensure the best practice is delivered; providing clients and their families with regular opportunities to provide feedback. All records and information is held in line with the guidelines of GDPR and ICO requirements.

CMSUK Standards & Best Practice Guidelines

The mission of CMSUK is to lead best practice for Case Managers with a vision to empower its members by providing support and education. This is achieved through defining and developing a professional framework for Case Managers.

Code of Ethics and Conduct in Case Management Practice

The Code of Ethics and Conduct has been devised to support ethical practice and professional conduct across the profession of Case Management and Kati Innes Case Management is aware, and works within, the details of the code and the competency framework document.